Our History

That's How It Started

For years I have been looking for the most suitable form of travel for me, more and more towards adventure and communing with nature.
In 2016, the thought "or maybe a pick-up with a camping unit" sprouted - a thought, the consequence of which was my first camper. It turned out that that was it. Traveling in such a 4×4 motorhome allowed me to reach wonderful and magical places inaccessible to ordinary campers. The presentation of photos on forums related to caravanning resulted in the first questions whether I do it professionally ...
And then I thought that it might actually turn the passion into a way of life ...

In Fact

What We Do

We build! On pickups, vans and trucks. Every building starts with a dream... We start with a blank sheet of paper and in the course of conversations we fill it with the interior layout, equipment, an array of colors and the texture of materials. Combining all these pieces of the puzzle turns a dream into a vision, and my task is to materialize this vision. 
The growing family of Beskidia - travelers bigger and smaller, enthusiasts, connoisseurs of freedom and beauty of nature - people with passion who willingly share their experiences and travel experiences, motivates me to look for new solutions, shapes, materials and play with colors.


BESKIDIA is an idea, it is freedom, it is a roof over your head and your own corner in a place we dream and reach.
Beskidia is a lifestyle, a way to get to know the world and a link between cultures.

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